Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Physical To Digital

In my head I like the idea of packing everything into a decent size suitcase and a backpack. That way, I can just pack everything and then go, whoever it may be, but I will have everything. One day when I actually do start to do some travelling, this can become a reality.

Two things that I own that will help me to achieve this are a 1TB hard drive and a kindle. On the hard drive I store all of my music and and films/tv shows. I do confess that I have two 1TB hard drives, a desktop and a portable. The desktop has all the films/tv shows whilst the portable donations all my music and pictures. Also, it stores all the books I have downloaded for the kindle. Trust me, I have enough stuff to read for ten lifetimes!

The kindle was a great purchase. I was a big reader when I was younger and as I grew up I just stopped. I did read autobiographies of various musicians and sports people but never a story based book. I do have a large bookcase full of books and I haven't read a good 90% of it. I did start to get back into reading and decided that a kindle would get me back into it, thankfully I was right. Within 6 weeks of my parents buying it for me, I had 3 books read.

My point in this post is that by having a kindle and storing all my music, films/tv shows and photos on the hard drives, it saves a massive amount of space. I would need at least ten large book cases if not more if I was to physically put all of it on a shelf. I can now simply place them in a small bag, and be off on my way.

Another advantage of digital storage is the cloud. You can buy massive amounts of space online now and you can store everything there if you wanted to. This even eliminates the need for hard drives which would save even more space.

I am a college student. So for storing all my college notes and assignments, I use Dropbox. This is such a handy way to store everything I need for college and have it in a nice organised manner. As I have an iPhone, and since Christmas, an iPad, I can access anything I need in a just a couple of taps of the screen.

By storing on the cloud I have now now saved the need for printing off hundreds of sheets of paper a year and the weight of carrying it all. I now have everything I need on my iPad and iPhone with Dropbox, Keynote and Pages. It is everything I need now for college. Of course Ido still have a notepad and paper, but only for scribbling down essential points that need expanding (I use spider diagrams a lot).